Reasons you should include Massage in your regular fitness regime.

Massage is as old as – well, as old as ancient civilization.

It remains popular today, though, for several reasons.

If you are interested in maintaining a healthy mind and body, massage must be a regular part of your fitness routine.

Massage Benefits

  • Stress reliever.
    • According to experts, massage is an excellent way to de-stress. In the modern world – even more than ancient times, massage is an effective way to counter the effects of busy lifestyles and time-pressured work schedules. A massage session triggers the release of relaxation hormones, opposing the stress hormones and therapists recommend regular sessions as part of a health regime or program.
  • Sleep quality is improved by effective massage regimes.
    • This is also because of the release of hormones that promote relaxation and calm one’s state of mind, relieving anxiety.
  • Heals muscle injuries (sprains or strains) and tension.
    • Relieving sore muscles is important – apart from the pain they could become stiff and function impaired. Apart from relieving pain, massage improves both muscle flexibility and function.
  • Improves Skin quality.
    • Massage improves circulation of blood which helps remove toxins and waste that would usually clog up the skin.
  • Other benefits can arise from improved circulation.
    • The joints are fitter and more supple, your lymphatics drain better while your immune system and digestive processes function better.

How and where to have an effective Massage?

How often you massage really depends on your schedule.

If you often exercise, then you should do so frequently to help with muscle repair and reduce muscle tension and pain.

You can simply choose a massage after a busy workday or week with many spas and physiotherapists providing great services.

You can book massage sessions for the face, neck, shoulders, back, lower body or even total body massages.

However, sometimes this may not be so convenient – and can be costly if you wish to do so regularly as we recommend.

What about solutions that you can apply yourself in the comfort of your home – which can give you nearly the same results and are even more cost effective?

Now you know the benefits your body can get from massage – invest in one of our store’s range of fitness and beauty massagers – here.

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